St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church
Grand Island, New York

4th of July Parade Info

Hey all you Patriotic St. Martin in the Field Episcopal Church Members. Amy Heist and Lisa Fabiano are looking for a bunch of patriots to participate with our entry into the 4th of July parade.

We need many bicycle riders and walkers to hand out our flyers about the BBQ & Basket Auction. The flyers have smarties attached to them and therefore are very popular. 

We will have a trailer with an old junky grill on which we will be “cooking” rubber chickens! We need 2 - 3 people to ride on the trailer/float. It will be decorated with lots of patriotic decorations. I will be renting a large trailer from U - Haul. We do need a SUV, Van or a truck to pull the U - Haul trailer in the parade. This person would also need to go with me to pick the trailer up and get it all hitched up to their vehicle.

We also need two people to march out front carrying our beautiful Banner.

We need people of all ages to participate in the parade. It’s a great place to promote our upcoming Chicken BBQ & Basket Auction. The parade moves slowly so it’s not hard to walk the route.

As you can see we need many people of any ages to help out. Families can walk together. Wear patriotic clothing please!

Hope to see you there!!! I will put a sign up sheet for the parade in the Narthex on the easel.

****Update: We need to meet in the Jackson Music parking lot at 1875 Grand Island Blvd, and we need to arrive there before the roads (Grand Island Blvd. & Baseline Road) close at 8:30am. Once the roads close, no cars will be allowed, so please plan on arriving early. 

We will have lots of decorating to do on the trailer and truck with patriotic decorations. I will have plenty of ice cold water in a cooler for all participants from St. Martin’s. 

See you there! Please try to wear Red, White & Blue or patriotic clothing.

Amy L. Heist