St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church
Grand Island, New York

LIFT (Ladies In Faith Together)

LIFT stands for Ladies In Faith Together, the women’s group of St. Martin’s.  Through our shared fellowship and faith, LIFT strives to provide outreach to various needs in our community, support parish activities, as well as plan fellowship activities for our group and for the St. Martin’s congregation.

LIFT meets the first Monday of every month at 7pm.  For more information, contact Beth Boron, Marge Schlau or the St. Martin's Office at (716)773-3335.


Goodfellows is the men group of St. Martin's, completing good deeds and fostering fellowship within the congregation. In order to be a member of Goodfellows, you should be a male member of St Martin's Episcopal church, 21 years  of age or older.  Based on Christian Covenants recommended by the National Episcopal Diocese, Goodfellows will abide to the following:
-We will, with Gods help, continue in the Apostles teaching in the breaking of bread and in prayer. (i.e., start off each meeting with a prayer, or meditation and blessing of food)
-We will, with Gods help, persevere in resisting evil, and whenever we fall into sin, repent and return to the lord. (i.e., be reverent and trustworthy)
-We will, with Gods help, proclaim the word of the lord (i.e., reach out for new members to join the congregation and the group)
-We will, with Gods help, serve Christ by loving our neighbors as ourselves (i.e. to develop camaraderie and bond with one another)
-We  will, with Gods help, strive to serve all people and respect the dignity of every human being (i.e. participate in out reach projects and perform good deeds for the church, congregation and community)

For more information, contact Tom Davide or the St. Martin's Office at (716) 773 - 3335. 


“He who sings prays twice,” said St. Augustine.
St. Martin’s Choir has a long tradition of joyfully leading the congregation in hymn and service music singing.  The Choir, under the direction of Jeanne Suski, is blessed with the voices of enthusiastic, trained and untrained singers who meet weekly on Sunday mornings to prepare music, including four-part harmony anthems sung in a variety of musical styles during the 10am service.  We are also blessed with a number of talented instrumentalists who accompany the Choir and occasionally play solos during our worship time. For more information about the Choir, contact the St. Martin's Office at (716)773-3335.

Christian Education

Teaching is a Ministry!

All Christians are teachers.  Our daily lives are a witness to what we believe and value.  Here at St. Martin’s, we are blessed with dedicated and enthusiastic Sunday School teachers and helpers: Primary Class (Pre-K through 2nd grade) Dawn Farquhason, Jeanne Potts, and Lisa Smythe. Intermediate Class (Grades 3-5) John and Lisa Hoyt.

This year we have a wonderful new curriculum called the Episcopal Children’s Curriculum (ECC).  The Curriculum offers a developmental sequence of topics that include Bible, Sacraments, and historical events in the church.  At each level, materials are provided for the students to enhance their learning at home and in the classroom.  Each unit provides a book that is sent home to be read and discussed throughout the unit.  Each class session, learners will be given a Take-Home Card that highlights the theme of the day’s lesson.  Our hope is that there will be a connection and conversation with parents and children throughout the week about what they are learning in Sunday School.

We are blessed with wonderful children here at St. Martin's and are grateful for the support of the Vestry and our church family as we strive to make our Christian Education program the best it can be!

For more information contact Linda Crist, Beth Boron or the St. Martin's Office at (716)773-3335.

Journey to Adulthood/Rite 13

Journey to Adulthood is St. Martin’s youth ministry program for students in middle school (Rite-13) and high school (J2A).  Our young people explore their faith and their place in our Christian Community through strong relationships, Bible study, prayer, rites of passage, outreach and fun activities. We meet most Sundays in the classrooms from 9-10 am.  If you are want to know more about this program, please contact the St. Martin's Office at (716)773-3335.

Coffee Hour

After our last service each Sunday we welcome all to Coffee Hour in the Undercroft for fellowship and treats.  All sorts of snacks are served with coffee, tea, and cold beverages. Members who wish to provide the snacks are on a rotating list, and they will host approximately once every six months.  If interested in becoming a host please contact Paula Cramer or the St. Martin's Office at (716)773-3335.


Acolytes assist in the church services.  There is a crucifer, torchbearers and first serve.  They are an important part of the service.  Anyone from third grade and up can serve.  Adults are also welcome!  Please contact Amy Fischer or the St. Martin's Office at (716)773-3335 if interested.

Lector/Chalice Bearers

Lay participation enhances our services.  Lay lectors of all ages read old and new testament readings at services.  We celebrate Eucharist at each Sunday service. Our chalice bearers distribute wine at the altar rail to those who come forward, after Father Chris distributes the bread.  Please contact the St. Martin's Office at (716)773-3335 if you are interested in serving.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild prepares the church sanctuary for services.  This includes setting up the altar, candles, setting out vestments and flowers.  We work in small groups that are each assigned one weekend a month plus occasional, additional services when needed.  Contact Sharon Jones or the St. Martin's Office at (716)773-3335 for more information.


When you arrive for services at St. Martin’s you will be greeted by the smiling faces of our friendly ushers/greeters.  Our ushers/greeters distribute service bulletins to you as enter the nave. The bulletins will help you follow and participate in the services.  Ushers/greeters may also answer questions you may have about varied things, such as where our washrooms, Nursery, and coat racks are located, what our Coffee Hour is all about, and things happening in and around the Church. You can sign up to usher on the clipboard on the table under the “St. Martin’s Ministries” bulletin board. 

Knitting Group

The knitting group knits or crochets prayer shawls which are then blessed and given to parishioners who are ill or who just need to feel a hug.  We meet the 2nd Saturday of the month from 9–11am in one of the classrooms.  For more information contact the St. Martin's Office at (716)773-3335. 

Worship Team

Worship Team was formed to enhance our Sunday worship in unexpected ways.  Our goal is to strengthen congregational involvement and to help people connect better to the Word.  Some of our contributions include presenting the Gospel in tableau-style, planning special music, providing festive decorations in the sanctuary, skits, sermon support, and unique visuals.

Endowment Fund

Did you know…St. Martin’s has an Endowment Fund?

Yes, we do!  The St. Martin’s Endowment Fund, established in 2003 is a special account or fund which generates revenue that will be used for specified purposes.  It is a separate fund apart from any bank accounts or other funds we have.

The purpose of our Endowment Fund is to help St. Martin’s today, tomorrow - and as far beyond as we can imagine - more completely fulfill our mission as a parish, by developing and supporting our ministries beyond what it is possible through our annual operating funds and budget.  Distributions from our Endowment Fund are limited to specified purposes: capital needs of St. Martin’s (but not routine maintenance); outreach ministries or grants; seed money for new ministries; and, such other purposes which may be specifically designated by donors to the Endowment Fund, subject to parish approval.  The St. Martin’s Endowment Fund is primarily funded by bequests in a will, but may also be funded through life income gifts or direct cash gifts. Gifts to the fund are acts of hope for the future of the parish.

Our Endowment Fund is managed by the Trustees of our Endowment Fund Board: parishioners Mark Korzelius, Mike Walker, and Carol Northrup, as well as our Senior Warden and our Rector as ex-oficio Trustees.  The global financial services firm Morgan Stanley currently assists us in investing our portfolio.

The Endowment Fund Board of Trustees presented a Final Affairs Workshop in early 2018, which was well attended.  Our Legacy Society recognizes those persons who have remembered who have remembered St. Martin’s in their will or by other documented planned gifts.  Look for the donor recognition tree that will soon be mounted in the nave. Leaves on the tree will be engraved with donor and pledgor names, as per the donor’s wish.   

Eucharistic Ministers

St. Martin’s is very blessed to have three of its members (Blair McEvoy, Anne Paquette and Rob Piurek) who serve as Lay Eucharist Ministers and Visitors (LEM/V for short).  Their special ministry is to bring Holy Communion (both bread and wine) to those members of the parish who are unable to join us in church on any given Sunday.  This ministry usually takes place on Sunday afternoons or by appointment.  Please contact Father Nick at the St. Martin's Office at (716)773-3335, if interested in becoming part of the team.