St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church
Grand Island, New York

Past Events

Family Bonfire Party

Our second annual Family Bonfire Party was a huge success! Together, we enjoyed a relaxing evening full of fellowship and fun. "Minute-to-Win-It" games, tacos in a bag and a live concert by The '66 Reunion Band were crowd favorite activities across all generations. Thank you to everyone on the planning committee and all who came to enjoy the event! #HomeSweetChurch






J2A's Urban Adventure

Our J2A kids went on their Urban Adventure around Buffalo this weekend! This a 2 day trip where the youth, youth leaders, and other chaperones engage in a physical and spiritual scavenger hunt. It is the intention that the participants will learn about their different gifts and skills during this adventure, and that the group will begin to know one another in different ways before going on the pilgrimage.






Meat Raffle

Our first meat raffle was a great success! Tickets were sold out before the event and lots of volunteers stepped up to help. In addition to the meat raffles we raffled off a freezer filled with meat, a wagon filled with liquor, and had a fifty-fifty split. The night was filled with lots of activity, food, fun, and fellowship. A huge thank you goes to all who sold tickets to friends and family, who volunteered their time, made donations, including the generous parishioner who donated the freezer, and Mike Madigan who donated most of his winnings from the 50/50 back to the church. 

We are happy to report that after all expenses were paid our profit was $5,010.00 which will be added to our rectory rehab / Capital Fund. This all came together in less than 2 months which reflects St. Martins' ability to work together toward the good of the church. 

Thanks be to God! 

Event Organizers
Beth Boron 
Julie DeAngelo
Jeanne Percival