In July 2014, the J2A group will be headed to England for their holy pilgrimage.  We will be stopping over in Iceland for 24 hours on the way home.  Click the link below to view a PDF version of the itinerary.

J2A 2014 Itinerary

Here is a brief synopsis:

Saturday - off to Canterbury, do a little walking to arrive at Canterbury Cathedral in time for Evensong (and you can be sure that I'm smiling!!).  Hostel in Canterbury.

Sunday - Sung Eucharist at Canterbury Cathedral, Cathedral tour, visit Greyfriars.  Hostel in Cantebury.

Monday - to Dover, hiking along the coast; tour Dover Castle (WW II museum there).  Hostel in Canterbury

Tuesday - Eucharist at Martyrs Crypt at Canterbury, blessing of pilgrimage.  Off to London.  To King's Cross (Harry Potter), Westminster Station to Buckingham Palace, to Trafalgar Square and St. Martin-in-the-Fields (brass rubbings, supper there?).  Hostel in London

Wednesday - Tower of London in the morning, Riverboat to Westminster Cathedral, pilgrim blessing

Thursday - St. Paul's Cathedral - Crypt, climb the tower.  Afternoon free / touring and shopping.

Friday - to the airport

Saturday - in Iceland

Photos of the trip will be posted here and on Facebook